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The new storytellers workshops

Cris Pirvu

©  cualtecuvinte

© cualtecuvinte

"How does a story begin?" Adina asked the kids who were sitting around her, eager to listen to their Sto-ry!  "Once upon a time!", they all said in chorus.  "Once upon a time in Ferentari." That's how The Story of the Lost Kendama begins. 

once upon a time...

Arina Stoenescu

©  Irina dobrescu, harap alb - house of stories

© Irina dobrescu, harap alb - house of stories

Once upon a time, on a lovely spring day in Romania, more precisely on April 26th 2016, together with a group of kids from the Ferentari neighborhood (Bucharest), we proudly inaugurated the Roma library for Children.

Striving against prejudice

Magda Matache

©  bHM

© bHM

Like teenagers anywhere, Roma teenagers in Romania alternate between being excited and melancholic; they fall in love; they are fans of various football teams, singers, and actors.