The new storytellers

The Story of the Lost Kendama is the first book of the project The New Storytellers, launched in March 2017 by Cu Alte Cuvinte. The New Storytellers supports authors of children's literature who give a voice to Roma characters.

For the first edition, we brought together a group of children from Policy Center for Roma and Minorities and two beloved authors in a series of twelve storytelling workshops. The children's stories served as a source of inspiration for an illustrated book, The Story of the Lost Kendama.

The New Storytellers first edition was made possible thanks to the generosity of the donors who supported our Indiegogo campaign. Fundatia Autonom also generously sponsored our project. We have also received the support of the Council of Europe - Roma and Travellers Team.

500 books were donated to schools and educational organizations, and a part of the sales profit will be donated to the Alternative Education Club.

The educational toolkit that accompanies the book is available here.

PartnersPolicy Center for Roma and Minorities and Global Shapers Bucharest Hub.


Our heartfelt thanks go to the children that welcomed us at the Club and shared their stories with us: Alina Bivol, Beatrice Boaca, Alexandru Boicu, Maria Drăgoieasa, Mariana Dumitru, Bianca Fieraru, Andra Ghiță, Luminița Ilie, Adrian Pasăre, Alexandru‐Marian Stancu, Rebeca Tudorache, Luiza Tufan. Along with Maria Militaru, education asssistant at the Alternative Education Club, they became the heros of the first book with Roma characters in Romanian literature. 

We are grateful beyond words to our donors:

Marija Bingulac, Talida Van Boxstael, Oana Brătilă și gașca #HaiCuMine, Petre Breazu, Carolina Buzea, Brigitte Mosenthal, Joseph Murray, Madi Sharma, Arina Stoenescu, Alexandru Stoian, Liviu Stirbat, Sorana Toma, Iulia Băceanu, Milan M’Enesti, Antoneta Gales, Mihai Doboș, Mădălina Cocea, Adrian Popa, Michaela Gloger, Mirela Bercea, Rita Rusu, Andrea Bîrsan, Jean-Michel Le Floch, Maria Rojo Sanz, Vicențiu Vidoni , Wamsiedel, Cosmina Dolofan, Alexandru Chirițescu, Michael Grosse, Cecile Fanton d'Andon, Eugenia Gusilov, Diana Neacșu, Dora Cerin, Abhijeet Singh, Xavier Ramon, Diana Dragomir, Andra Dragomir, Corina Radu, Patricia Otvos, Jenna Griffin, Ana Agafiței, Roxana Andrei, MaMette MLH, Maria-Louisa Vancea, Ciprian Proca, Cristina and Liviu Kreindler, 

and to all the other backers of our project on Indiegogo! We could not have done it without you.

The story of the lost kendama, by Adina Rosetti and Irina Dobrescu

Illustrations by Irina Dobrescu.

Adventure / Fantasy / Diversity / Roma people
Arthur Publishing House 2018, Radu's Books Collection (10 - 12 yrs)
Hardcover, 71 pages,  165x225 mm
ISBN 978-606-788-364-0

welcome to ferentari!

What would you be ready to do if you lost your most beloved childhood object? Come and discover the adventures of Ionuț and Diana, and find out how an entire Bucharest neighborhood  can change thanks to a kendama, to magic and friendship! 

"No matter what, don't you dare enter the Alley of Shadows,'' parents from Ferentari kept telling their kids. That place was not far away from the little park in the school's backyard, where they used to play. The sky above the Alley of Shadows was always covered by thick layers of murky clouds that nothing could break through. Because no one took care of them anymore, the houses and the apartment buildings had all lost their colour and were now a dirty grey, with shrivelled walls. The shattered windows have never been changed, and the trash has been left in the streets for so long that it has swollen up in a huge pile. Some kids who ventured on the Alley and managed to come back, would tell everyone that at the end of the alley was the most dreadful thing that one could imagine: the Mountain of Trash.

ADINA ROSETTI is a writer and a journalist. After writing a novel and a short stories book, she discovered that she enjoys a lot more to imagine children's stories. She played with words and crafted a few books: Miss After-tomorrow and the Game of Time, Why Do Witches Fly on Brooms? (both awarded at The Most Beautiful Books from Romania Contest), The Book of Courage etc. She also teaches creative writing to children and she writes for different media publications. 

IRINA DOBRESCU studied Graphics at the National University of Arts, and is a founding member of the Romanian Illustrators Club. She illustrated numerous children's books: What's the deal with reading?, What you can do with two words, Who's afraid of the computer, The Day the Sleep Ran Away, Witch Yoli Zoli, Star dust etc. She participated in many exhibitions, workshops, and artistic events in Romania and abroad. In 2014, she was awarded the Arthur Prize for The Wolf Who Was Playing Poker, a book that she wrote and illustrated.