It's one of the best adventures of my life! (Antonio, 12- year-old Roma boy, Live From Giulesti)

We piloted The New Storytellers project from June to September 2016, when we coordinated a community-based urban art initiative - Live From Giulești. A team of six artists worked for two days with nineteen children and teenagers from Giulești-Sârbi, a disadvantaged neighborhood on the outskirts of Bucharest. 

We engaged the kids in five different challenges that prompted them to share stories about their life through creative activities. They also took photographs of their neighborhood and their family during a period of two weeks. Using their stories, the artists involved in the project created a short comic book – Where are you from? From Giulesti! (Alexandru Ciobotariu & Adina Popescu), two art-street murals (Alexandru Ciubotariu/Pisica Pătrată), a photo exhibition (Roald Aron), and an immersive video installation (BHM).

250 copies of the comic book were printed and donated to schools and local libraries. The comic book was also presented at the European Fair of Comic Books 2017 and published at Pionier Press

Implementation team: Cu Alte Cuvinte & Asociația Arena.

Partners: Arcub, București 2021, Romano ButiQ, NexT, Arhitectural Studio, Ear to Bucharest, Playhood, Industrial Access.

© BHM & Roald Aron.